Concurrency in Go

Go is an increasingly more popular programming language. Its popularity is frequently accredited to elegant, simple, yet very powerful and comprehensive design. The lightweight model for concurrency in form of channels and goroutines makes for a great foundation for building scalable applications.

For those who are not yet familiar with the motto "don't communicate by sharing memory, share memory by communicating", this talk will try to offer a reasonable explanation with examples.


  • This session is well suited for programmers and software engineers curious about how independent processes can communicate
  • Elementary knowledge of Go can be useful, however, not a necessary prerequisite


  • High-level overview of concurrency paradigm in Go
  • Examples of well-known design patterns
  • Samples of how Kubernetes utilizes Go's concurrency model



Jan Wozniak is a software engineer at Kubermatic. Throughout his career, he worked on various distributed systems using industry-standard technologies such as Go and Kubernetes as well as less mainstream technologies, notably Erlang and VxWorks.



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